Farm History

The Trip Across Country

Year #1

Spring Arrives......

Juniata Mobile Veterinary Services is up and running....

The business of eggs....

Countdown to goats.......

Taking the bad with the good.....

Easter Morning.....brrrrrr

With a Little Help From Our Friends

Wild, Wild Horses........

Blueberry Bliss

Why do chickens take dust baths?....and other mysteries of life.....

Stopping for Directions.....

Goodbye Mr. Boo

Un-Welcomed Guests

Finally, the long-awaited arrival of Fainting Goats

The Face of Fear

Welcome Guinea Hens

Mo Joins Bee Haven Acres.....(for now)

Scylla on Sunday

Socks Saturday Sharing

Carnival of Homeschooling Submissions

American History Resource

Homeschool Graduation

Time to Vote

Princess Isis

Six School Officials Face Prosecution

Tyrannosaurus Hank

Soccer Mishaps

Help Wanted

Tuiren Tuesday

Finny De Floof

Honoring Sadie's Memory

Raymond Chandler

Why Is This Goat Smiling?

Scylla Sunday

Womantic Wednesday with Arty & Vidock

Welcome December!

Wordless Wednesday by Charybdis

Thursday in the Garden

Tuiren Tuesday

Caturday Art

Tsarina Tuesday

Alasandra's Book Club ~ The Seven Queens of England by Geoffrey Trease

How A Day Can Take A Sudden Turn

Teacher gets three years of house arrest and seven years of probation after having sex with a 14 year old student

A Day Off?

Benedict Arnold

BHA NEWS: New Website Developed!